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It's time to sign up! 
Sunday, April  21st from 2p to 4p 
@ The Jamestown Community Gardens
If you can't make it, email, to get signed up. 

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a healthier community.

What is a community garden?


The community gardens offer much more than just a plot of land in which to plant; they also offer a quiet haven where one can grow and harvest their own food
for consumption without herbicides and pesticides. It allows people to get back to the earth and get their hands dirty to feel good about what they are doing and preparing for the table. Numerous people rent plots to grow their personal favorites and in the process will get to know other gardeners.

It is not just about gardening, but also about cultivating new friendships with other people and with nature.
Where to find us


The gardens are located on Temple Baptist Church’s property at 1200 12th Ave. NE in Jamestown. There is direct access to the gardens from a driveway off of 13th St. NE (across from the airport).

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